New Year, New Shoes. 300 Reasons Why…


Heinrich Dinkelacker is one of Germany’s oldest and most exclusive men’s shoe brands.  Founded in 1879, the name has been synonymous with tradition, extraordinary craftsmanship, and stunning footwear for over 130 years.
It takes around 300 work steps to create each pair in the collection, and as with tradition, most of these work steps are carried out by hand.  Seasoned cobblers produce only 25 pairs each day.  Heinrich Dinkelacker prides itself on their attention to detail including the selection of the finest materials, the cut of the leather, the hand-punched welts and the trademark brass nails to produce exquisite pieces.  
Shoe lovers everywhere will marvel in the style, quality and wearing comfort of a pair of Heinrich Dinkelacker footwear. So if you’re looking to make a statement, get yourself a pair posthaste!  The new year is all about a new you and your new shoes.



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