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Warm Up Your Winter Wedding
Plunging tank tops have turned into tight turtlenecks and unless you’re a year-round vodka-soda type, many have traded planter’s punch for a classic Manhattan. While the first official day of winter is not technically until December 21, the weather would suggest otherwise.  And even if you’re in a warmer climate, Starbucks is officially serving pumpkin spiced lattes in seasonal cups and holiday music has begun playing on eternal loops in department stores.  It is that time of year!

Thanksgiving has just passed, which means it is time to retire your same-sex pilgrim salt and pepper shakers and figure out your holiday party looks. While these are signature tasks of the season, weddings don’t stop.  In fact, it can be a more cost-effective time for nuptials compared to the more popular fall and spring.  If you are going to wed in winter, here are some of my tips to give it a little seasonal spice.

Having good event lighting is important year-round, but winter is often the darkest season when it comes to natural light.  Assume you can’t rely on any help from Mother Nature and light the spaces accordingly for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.  Add spots to your tables, ceilings and dance floor to highlight all the details you are designing or add more texture through gobos. Cozy and candlelit are terrific vibes, but flames will flicker even more if you add mirrors to help them reflect.  And if you love the sensation of gathering by a fire but logistically can’t have one, project one to create the feeling.

Holiday Décor
While it’s fun this time of year to be impressed by the most fabulous snowmen and fiercest trees, it is imperative you have a comprehensive understanding of what décor your venue will have.  This should be discussed when you go to contract to avoid inheriting extra costs for things like tree removal, or on the flip side, you might score some additional string lights on their dime. Most importantly you want your wedding to feel exclusively yours, and having your design ideas competing with ornaments and menorahs might conflict.

Welcome Drinks
If guests might battle the cold to arrive on time for your wedding, there is no better way to greet them than with a warm surprise.  Apple cider or hot cocoa work well spiked with booze or on their own for those who don’t drink.  Hydration is also important and sometimes overlooked when there’s a chill in the air. Jazzing up hot water with items like ginger and lemon will help warm up guests and help balance out their drinking.

Seasonal Cuisine
While colder times of year warrant heavier foods, it doesn’t mean you need to turn your entire menu into a parade of gluttony. Wedding food should be delicious and decadent, but you don’t need to put every guest into a food coma.  You still want them on the dance floor, not passing out at the dining tables.


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