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Ripp Baker is a German born personal trainer and model who currently resides in Minnesota. He took instagram by storm and has been delighting us with his mischievous smile and body that just won’t quit ever since! What may be most appealing about this Minnesota State University small town boy is his unique mix of classic drop dead features, he has been known to grace the cover of many romantic novels, and rightfully so, added with a sporty side, he’s played football and has done some wrestling, mixed with a sense of ease, confidence and a lot of fun! We think that is what makes us all want more of this talented young man. We look forward to him continue to entertain us with his fun loving ways. Ripp agreed to join in on our exclusive TGL Q&A:Name: Ripp Baker

Birthday: February 15th

Sign: Aquarius

Birthplace: Trier Germany

Height: 6’2″ 

Weight: 215 Lbs

Shoe size: 12.5

Eye color: Blue

Favorite color: Blue 

Dream car: Aston Martin Volante 

Turn-ons: A beautiful smile, nice eyes, a nice smelling perfume, long sexy legs, could go on and on!

Turnoffs: Smoking and dental hygiene.Favorite cologne, scent or smell: Favorite cologne I use is Tom Ford: Fucking Fabulous. 

Favorite body part on your partner: So hard to pick just one, refer back to my turn-ons.

Favorite body part on you: My caring nature 

Favorite accessory you can’t live without: Love my cologne, and a nice watch

Favorite TV show: No Tomorrow, Dexter, or AHS

Favorite movie: Amityville Horror

Briefs, Boxers, other?: Briefs 

Guilty pleasure: Kicking back after hitting the steam room after a great lift to relax in bed with a glass of wine and enjoy some Netflix. 

Fav vacation spot: Every place is a new adventure, but I loved being in Hawaii, great mixture of hiking as well as ocean activities. 

Place you’d most like to visit: New Zealand

Being good in bed means: Both you and your partner are satisfied, Partner first ? 


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