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Nick Topel will be taking the world by storm in his upcoming exhibition shot by Jim Jordan which focuses on the art of the human body. It will be touring across the globe and will be sure to send his star rising to new heights.

Our IT GUY was born and raised in a small Ohio town where he pursued competitive swimming for 12+ years. It was this early involvement with sport which laid a foundation for the physique he brought to fruition in his later years. In 2018 he became a professional athlete by earning his pro card as a natural bodybuilder. He joined Model Trainers, a luxury health and wellness brand with a power group of elite fitness models and social media celebrities a reach of more than 1.5 million, and expanded his personal training services worldwide. Model Trainers kicked off their World Tour last Fall in Los Angeles where they raised money for One Tree Planted Orange County, auctioned off executive level personal training packages in support of the WildAID Charity foundation and raised $1.8 million in one evening! While in L.A., Nick and his fellow trainers also helped promote Catarina’s Club with Chef Bruno Serato who feeds 5,000 needy children in the Los Angeles area every single day.

This professional cover model, entertainment personality and trainer is also the current spokesmodel for ARONIK Swimwear and has had recent appearances on BravoTV’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

He will also be appearing in the premiere season of Fox Television’s new show Ultimate Tag in the Fall of 2020. The future is bright for this Ohio State graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering with specific focuses in computational analytics and advanced system thermodynamics.  Is there anything this man can’t do? 

We look forward to continue being inspired by this young man and watching his star shine bright this year and for many, many more years to come. 

We caught up with Nick Topel recently for our exclusive TGL Q&A, you’re welcome…

Name: Nick Topel
Birthday: February 20th 1994
Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Findlay, OH
Height: 5’10” but I’m 6’1″ in heels
Weight: 175lbs
Shoe size: US 9

Eye color: hazel
Favorite color: scarlet (scarlet and gray… go Bucks!)
Dream car: lamborghini gallardo — light blue!
Turn-ons: foreign accents are a major turn on for me… Brazilian, Italian, French, wow!
Turnoffs: women who don’t value their health or take care of their bodies, also RUDE people! It’s not that hard to be nice.
Favorite cologne, scent or smell: Aside from the new car or freshly cleaned apartment smells, Abercrombie Fierce is one of my favorite colognes. On women, I like the scent of vanilla lotions… it fills up the room and keeps her on my mind long after she’s gone.
Favorite body part on your partner: Legs and booty! Big fan if that perfect peach!

Favorite body part on you: As a former pro bodybuilder I enjoy focusing my energy to artistically sculpt each muscle of the body. Although my chest and glutes get a lot of attention, I am most proud of my calves! After years of dedicated training, they’ve come a long way!
Favorite accessory you can’t live without: I can’t live without my wristwatches. In the age of smartphones, most people aren’t using a watch to tell the time, but a nice wristwatch is a timeless accent to any outfit.
Favorite TV show: I don’t have a lot of free time to watch television, but when I do I usually binge watch Netflix or HBO. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Trailer Park Boys, Peaky Blinders, Arrested Development are some of my personal favorites.
Favorite movie: I’m a big fan of anything Ben Stiller – Dodgeball and Zoolander are two of my favorite movies. 
Briefs, Boxers, other?: I prefer to wear briefs at home! Although, I’ve gone commando to the gym once or twice or every Monday…

Guilty pleasure: Gummy candies are my vice! Anything gummy related, I lose all self-control. Haribro gummy bears or Welch’s Fruit snacks are some personal favorites.
Fav vacation spot: I end up at the beach quite often for photoshoots, so when I travel for my own vacation I like to explore and enjoy culture rather than seek out exclusive beach spots. I love how the Europeans live. Some of my favorite cities are Barcelona, San Sebastian, Rome, and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). 
Place you’d most like to visit: I’ve traveled quite a bit but have never been most of the Eastern European or any of the Asian countries. Bangkok, Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Prague, Amsterdam, Bali, and Beijing are all on my list.
Being good in bed means: Making your partner feel comfortable and knowing what they want, when they want it — without having to ask.


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