I See Your True Colors…


As Easter and Passover approach simultaneously this weekend, we can begin to fully embrace Spring.  While technically this became official on the 20th of the month, depending on where you live, it did not feel like budding season.  If you’re a fellow New Yorker like myself, the occasion was marked with a blizzard!  But it’s time to shelve our charcoal scarves and put our best bright loafer forward.

This time of year warrants a bold and bright palette for weddings.  And while I love a vivid story, it’s important your event doesn’t start to look like a Dr. Seuss illustration.  Style is subjective, but here are some my tips for creating a maximum impact.

Make it Pop

To use a bright color most effectively, be sure it is backed my something that will help it stand out.  A turquoise menu is much more effective if nestled in a white napkin over sitting on a wooden table.

Less is More

While many bold colors go well together for other purposes, sometimes sticking to one for a wedding keeps it elegant.  Chartreuse is fabulous on the spectrum of bright green.  Pair it with royal blue and white for something truly chic, while if it’s among tangerine and hot pink, your wedding might feel more like Palm Springs Pride.

One Singular Sensation

If you have favorite color, make a striking statement by sticking to just that.  Create a table scape incorporating different shades into the chargers, glassware, linen, flowers and their vessel.


Shine the Light

As always when designing your event, be sure to consider what time of day your guests will be experiencing it.  You might live out you pinterest dreams and have your most productive planning moments during the day. If your wedding is after sundown and not lit properly, guests will hardly notice all the style decisions you made.

“So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful”

Jason Mitchell Kahn is TheGLife’s Grooms Go-To Guy! He is the author of “Getting Groomed: The Ultimate Wedding Planner for Gay Grooms.” Visit his site at jasonmitchellkahn.com.


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