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I believe that underwear is one of the most important pieces to an outfit because it is one of those pieces of clothing you wear more than anything else you own. Underwear can be quite boring and predictable if you are buying it from the wrong brands. Don’t settle for less by purchasing your underwear in those 3-packs with the bonus pair on clearance online. There is nothing worse than finding a hot guy and seeing his underwear sucks. Wearing the right underwear can exude a sense of confidence in any man. Whether you are looking for stylish, athletic, or comfortable underwear I will lay out my top underwear brand choices for men. 

Calvin Klein is one of my favorite underwear brands. I used to work for them in college and grew to love the brand so much. Their underwear in particular, their basic white brief is a timeless classic piece I think every guy needs to own. It’s elastic band is so soft and comfortable. It never leaves those ugly marks along your waist and makes anyone no matter what your body type is look great in them. Calvin Klein underwear also knows its place. I always cringe when I walk down the street in NYC watching someone pick their wedgies. I never have to worry about my underwear riding up my back. As many times as I have washed these pairs they stay in tact and soft. Calvin Klein underwear is indeed for anyone whether you are at work or working out.
Marco Marco is always my special occasion underwear, when I know I am getting lucky later this brand is usually my go to haha. The best part about them is they are breathable and I never have to worry about built up sweat in them. Marco Marco Underwear is also so creative in terms of concepts and patterns. They have a wide array of fun colors and styles that will be sure to spark anyones attention. Their mesh pair in particular is one of my favorites because it looks sexy on and feels phenomenal. If you are looking for a hot pair of underwear Marco Marco is your guy.
Pump underwear some how has the ability to contour and shape the goods. They have really strong seams and stitching which lifts everything up and keeps it in place. This brand is great for working out because it is flexible and stretchy allowing you to move freely. I love their bold color combinations which I think everyone can appreciate. Pump underwear has this ability to exude a sense of confidence in me. Even if people aren’t looking at me in my underwear, it’s just a good feeling knowing I have pump underwear on underneath. ( Like the feeling you get when you buy a new outfit you are proud to be seen in)
Garcon is one of the newest underwear companies out of my picks but rightfully has made headway to being one of my top choices. Their vibrant colors make Gracon unique along with their wide range of cuts from jock straps to boxer briefs. Whatever your preference is Garcon has the right pair for you. I always love showing off my Garcon underwear whether I am dancing alone in my apartment or laying out in central park with my friends because it fits like a glove. 
All Photography: Andrew Werner

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