G Life’s IT Guy: Evian Scully


We recently caught up with Eian Scully at The G Life’s photo shoot with Rick Day, fresh off shooting his upcoming Polo Sport campaign, and he was excited to be our next GUYS GUY and share his turn-ons, favorite body parts and more on our exclusive Q&A.

Name: Eian Scully
Birthday: December 18th
Sign: Sagittarius

Birthplace: Montreal
Height: 6’1
Weight: 180
Shoe size: 11

Eye color: Blue
Favorite color: Blue
Dream car: 69 Pontiac GTO

Turn-ons: good sense of humor
Turnoffs: closed minded people
Favorite cologne, scent or smell: fresh eucalyptus

Favorite body part on your partner: Her face
Favorite body part on you: My legs because… #LEGDAY
Favorite accessory you can’t live without: wallet

Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad
Favorite movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Briefs, Boxers, other?: Boxer Briefs
Guilty pleasure: Thai food
Fav vacation spot: Tulum, Mexico
Place you’d most like to visit: The Amalfi Coast


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