“It’s a nice day for a Rosé Wedding”


Valentine’s Day has sashayed down the runway which means we are heading towards the end of winter. I personally get so excited to stop layering and drink my favorite varietal from Provence.  Depending on where you live, this can slowly begin the return of outdoor events.  However, Mother Nature can quickly be your least wanted guest if she causes extreme conditions for you and your guests.  Here are my tips for a successful outdoor wedding!               

Let the Sunshine In…

After a gloomy winter for most, it is very exciting to feel the warmth of the sun and get that glow in photos. However, you cannot bank on it being your source of heat when one is needed. Even if you’re simply having your ceremony outdoors, it’s imperative you consider adding heat lamps as your guests’ comfort is top priority. And if you’re having your wedding in a warmer climate, it’s important to note that most people do not love being in direct, hot sunlight when dressed in their finest.  Be sure to offer some shade!

It’s Raining Men…

While March brings the first official day of spring, that also includes some expected showers.  It’s imperative when planning anything outdoors that you have a sturdy back-up plan in case of rain.  And even if your ceremony is planned during a golden hour of clear skies, you must consider the big picture. Even if it only rains early in the morning, the grounds could still be completely unsuitable for guests.  Louboutin’s are hard enough to walk in, let alone on soggy grass!  Rain also attracts unwanted visitors, so be sure to have insect repellent available. Bug bites and fashion are not a match made in heaven.     

Let’s Be Clear…

If any or all of your wedding will be taking place outdoors, be sure to let your guests know that in advance, and consider it while declaring your requested dress code.  Most people don’t want to dress for a ballroom if they’re going to be on a lawn. The more detail you can communicate to your guests the better.  I’m not saying give away your surprises, but any guest will appreciate having that stylish layer to add in case the weather drops.     

Hey Little Groom, who’s your Superman?

Jason Mitchell Kahn is TheGLife’s Grooms Go-To Guy! He is the author of “Getting Groomed: The Ultimate Wedding Planner for Gay Grooms.” Visit his site at jasonmitchellkahn.com.


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