IN LOVE & FASHION: Parke & Ronen celebrate 20yrs


Over two decades ago Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel found each other, fell in love and created one of the trendiest men’s casual contemporary sportswear lines on the market- PARKE & RONEN.

Just recently, at Men’s Fashion Week in New York City, P&R celebrated 20 years of their brand by showing the latest SS’18 collection on the runway. Staying at the forefront of trends and maintaining their visions of chic sensibility and exquisite fit, this powerhouse design duo has found a way to continue putting all the pieces together in love & fashion.

GLife: As a married couple and career duo how do you balance between your personal and professional relationship?
P&R: It’s not easy to be sure- If you’re not careful date night can quickly turn into a budget meeting. We have learned over time to establish boundaries, try to be really disciplined about not talking about work at home.

GLife: What were your individual initial reactions when gay marriage was legalized in the United States of America?
PARKE: Frankly I was surprised at how quickly it moved at the end,  but obviously I was thrilled!
RONEN: It was about time! I mean this is America! We should be leading on these types of Human Rights.

Aside from being consistent in their design aesthetic they have also found a strong cohesive marketing strategy – HOT GUYS!

GLife: How much of your marketing and advertising purposely focuses to target the gay consumer?
P&R:  It happens organically,  we have been counseled in the past to market in a different direction- to not “scare off the straight guys”, but it never felt right. Of course, we do want to be sure that its inclusive to people if they are inspired by what we do, not just LGBTQ people, but at the end of the day, we speak to what inspires us and our customers. If that happens to be mostly gay, well then lucky us and lucky you!

The Parke & Ronen spring 2018 collection draws inspiration from the lyrics of John Denver’s song, Rocky Mountain High. Nostalgic to the times of their youth when John Denver was ushering in pop-awareness of the earth, led them to create a collection inspired by the idea of Americana as seen through rose colored lenses.

For sportswear, fabrics are rich in natural worn patinas, washed linens, and printed chambray denims, mixed with lambskin suede and whisper weight cotton voiles. Knit sportswear has been developed to compliment our swim and resort wear even further. We’ve created over 30 exclusive prints for our swim line drawing direct inspiration to all aspects of a Rocky Mountain summer ranging from fly-fishing, eagle feathers, fields of wildflowers, and a sophisticated cannabis print. Pops of bright and playful retro hues of poppy, tangerine, and marigold are set against a backdrop of muted tones of sand, khaki, sage, and tan.

GLife: Looking back now what words of advice would you give  to Parke and Ronen in 1997?
P&R: Enjoy the ride, stay in the moment, in the end you  will get where you need to be.

GLife: After twenty years of success what is the goal and wish for another twenty years of success?
P&R: Keep learning, keep creating, and keep trying to follow the wise  advice to ourselves above.

Behind the Scenes photos by: Andrew Werner Photography


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