G Life’s IT Guy: Joe Putignano


We picked Joe Putignano as June’s IT guy for a number of reasons. He’s helped numerous people with his best-selling candid memoir Acrobaddict, and inspired many to rise above addiction.
Joe has risen above it himself and continues to want to help others, he is currently in a nursing program in Boston.
He has entertained on some of the worlds biggest stages from Broadway to Circue du Soleil! And continues to do all that throughout life and his social media channels where he has touched hundreds of thousands!
Joe, we salute you on this Gay Pride month and THANK YOU!

Name:  Joe Putignano
Birth Day:  07/19/1977
Sign:  Cancer (and I’m a wicked Cancer)
Birth place:   Brockton, MA
Height:  5’9” (yes, a lot shorter than people think)
Weight: 170 lb.
Shoe size: 10
Eye color: brown
Favorite Color:  red Dream car: Laugh all you want, but I’m a mustang guy, I’ve had 3 of them and sadly put them to rest.
Turn-ons: Kindness and those who are in tune with their emotions.  People often get turned on by the physicality of someone (which is nice and is usually the general attraction) but if kindness doesn’t exist, it’s over pretty fast.
Turnoffs: Musical theatre (yes, even though I’ve done a broadway show, anything musical theatre related makes me want to claw my eyes out.  Other turn ons, guys who use the word masc (how do they know they are masc) do they carry a masc meter?  Vanity, self seeking, and egotistical behavior (and yes, I’m human so I have all of these traits which are turnoffs, but I do work at removing them and it isn’t easy). Favorite cologne, scent or smell: clover, cinnamon, and coriander (the scents that haunt a writer to write).
Favorite body part on your partner: Eyes, lips, chest, butt.
Fav. body part on you:  Eyes ( I used to hate the color of my eyes because they are dark brown, which I used to describe as the color of shit.  Then one day my friend said that there is a gold color in the dark brown, and when I noticed that, I began to see the uniqueness in them; so now its a golden shit color:) lol
Favorite accessory you can’t live without: I have an addiction to well made Italian leather shoes.
Fav. TV show: Salem, Ink Masters, Penny Dreadful, Supernatural, or anything about the macabre.Fav. movie: Natural Born Killers, Trainspotting, The Hours, and A Dark Song
Briefs, Boxers, Other?:  Briefs:)
Guilty pleasure: writing poetry, which is a dead art.  The poet is dead.
Fav vacation spot: The Caribbean and Hawaii
Place you’d most like to visit: Rome, Italy, and the South of FranceBeing good in bed means:  People might laugh at this answer, however, sex is a lot like creating music.  In music, there is a rhythm, a melody, a rise and fall, a beat and a crescendo; and in creating music one must listen to the other instrument in order to create harmony.  This listening is not just of the flesh, but with the invisible self and it takes great skill to listen to and understand another one’s intentions and desires.  Since humans are instruments it helps if they are in tune with the energy and passion of the song being played.  I believe sex gets stale when we try to create the same song or experience over and over; which is why even if you have been with the same instrument for 20 years, one can always create a new song.  The point of this music is create an experience that transcends the flesh for even a moment, to remind us of that we are transient, unconditional loving and powerful beings….and in some cases to make babies, lol.


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