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Sam Wiles has been inspiring us with his amazing physique and making us smile with his natural ability of looking picture perfect without taking himself too seriously! And his adorable pussycat helps too!

Sam took time out of his busy schedule, (in between making men’s jewelry, working out, training and or bartending), to answer our exclusive Q&A! He did not disappoint and we’re happy to report he enjoys keeping a sense of humor in and out of bed!! Wiles smiles all around!!!

Name: Samuel David Wiles
Birth Day: November 21, 1989
Sign: Scorpio
Birth place: Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 185 lbs.
Shoe size: 10
Eye color: Blue
Favorite Color: I don’t honestly have a favorite, I just love color in general
Dream car: The Batmobile
Turn-ons: A sense of humor
Turnoffs: Stuck up people
Favorite cologne, scent or smell: My favorite cologne is Tobacco and Leather by Tom Ford. For smells I love campfire, woodsiness, pipe tobacco, freshly cut grass.
Favorite body part on your partner: Smile
Favorite body part on you: My smile
Favorite accessory you can’t live without: One of my handmade bracelets actually. I like jewelry a lot but have a hard time finding mens jewelry that’s still stylish and cool and different but still masculine. So, I actually started making my own and it’ll be for sale hopefully soon too!!
Fav. TV show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Fav. movie: The Originally Willy Wonka. With Gene Wilder, the one and only, none of this Johnny Depp bullshit.
Briefs, Boxers, Other?: Briefs or boxer briefs
Guilty pleasure: RuPaul’s Drag Race
Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere warm and tropical with lots of opportunity for adventure
Place you’d most like to visit: Bali
Being good in bed means: Being able to giggle and be silly during sex
Instagram: swiles89

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