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Michael Wheeler, or mtddubbs374, as he’s known to his throngs of fans on Instagram, is our Movember IT Guy!! When he’s not at his usual Aquatic day job sporting his casual work attire, aka a speedo, or breaking up with a muppet…

Michael can be found swimming in a river or hiking somewhere in the gorge. This outdoorsy blue, errr, green eyed, Capricorn man enjoys cooking, cleaning, Mean Girls (the movie) and more… see his blog: www.singledadnokids.com/ or read on to learn more about this fascinating and very entertaining gentleman and our inspiration for this month of Movember. Cheers!

Name: Michael Wheeler

Birthday: Dec. 31, Always a party, but twice as expensive

Sign: Capricorn

Birth place: Bay Area, California. West Coast is the best coast. It rhymes for a reason you know

Height: 5’11

Weight: 160

Shoe size: 10.5

Eye color: I say green, some people say blue. It just depends on the day, but they are green.

Favorite Color: Greens – deep emerald greens like a trees in the forest.

Dream Car: Vintage Land Cruiser so I can be a proper beach bum.

Turn-ons: Confidence and a sense of humor. Laughing is very important to me. 

Turnoffs: Being mean to kids. Pick on someone your own size.

Favorite cologne, scent or smell: The smell after a warm summer rain

Favorite body part on your partner: Hands. I think that hands say a lot about a person.

Favorite body part on you: My chin. I had a pretty bad bike accident in 2010 and I ended up with twenty stitches on my chin. Now I have a pretty decent scar that makes a great story at parties.

Favorite accessory you can’t live without: My passport. I just got my 3rd one in the mail and I cannot wait to start filling up the pages. 

Favorite TV show: Parks and Rec for the re-watchability.

Favorite movie: Mean Girls. 

Briefs, Boxers, Other?: Other – a speedo. I wear a speedo about 5 days a week. You never know when you might have to jump in a pool last minute. 

Guilty pleasure: Donuts. I’m actually eating one right now. 

Favorite vacation spot: Paris. Audrey Hepburn was right, Paris is always a good idea. 

Place you’d most like to visit: Azerbaijan, the land of tea and honey. In 2012 they hosted Eurovision and ever since I have been obsessed!

Being good in bed means: Paying attention. You can learn a lot about a person if you pay attention to the details. 


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