Day 3 of your Whole30 Pre-Summer ’17 challenge!!!


Today’s Whole30 recipe of the day: Filet mignon with caramelized onions, snap peas and cherry tomatoes

These filets are the perfect dinner to impress the one you love and will easily satisfy your steak craving!

For the filets:

2- 8 oz. to 10 oz. Filets
1 tsp. Cumin
1 tsp. Garlic powder
1 tsp. Salt
1 tsp black pepper
* Combine spice mixture and rub evenly on the filets. Let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. While the steaks are sitting you can start on the caramelized onions.

For the onions you will need:

1 large yellow onion (thinly sliced)
1 cups beef broth
Few dashes of coconut aminos
Salt and pepper to taste
2 Tbsp olive oil

*Heat a frying pan on medium high and add the olive oil. Once oil is heated, add the sliced onions and cook stirring frequently until onions start to turn amber in color (takes about 5 minutes). Every few minutes pour in about 1/4 of the broth into the onions. Once onions soak up broth, you can add more to it. Keep stirring and continue this process for  about 15 minutes until the broth runs out. Add few drops of coconut aminos and salt and pepper to taste.

Serves: 2

For the snap peas and tomatoes:

1/2 lb. snap peas (stems removed)
1 pint of cherry tomatoes
1 shallot (minced)
1 tsp. Dried thyme
Salt & pepper to taste
2 tbsp olive oil

*In a saucepan of boiling salted water blanch the sugar snap peas for 30 seconds, or until crisp-tender. Drain and refresh them under cold water. In a skillet, heat the olive oil over moderate heat until hot but not smoking. Add the shallots and cook, stirring, until softened. Add the snap peas, tomatoes, dried thyme, salt and pepper and cook, stirring, until heated through. When the tomatoes start bursting open you’ll know it’s done.

To cook the filets:

*Heat a grill or grill pan over high heat. Place steaks on and cook for 4 minutes on each side for medium rare. Remove from heat and let rest for 5 minutes.
Top steaks with the caramelized onions, place on a bed of the tomatoes and snap peas and enjoy!!

By Chef Will Baldwin


It’s day three, and you might not be feeling quite so bright and shiny today. The first week is full of ups and downs. Today, we want to talk about some potential downs you may be experiencing, and give you some light at the end of your tired, cranky, rumbly-tummy tunnel.

  • Tired: You’re probably more tired and lethargic today. This is your body adapting to its new fuel source – fat – and transitioning out of your old “sugar-burner” days. This is normal, and will resolve quickly, as long as you do your part to help. Sleep lots. Take naps. Take time off from the gym, or make it a “half-intensity” week. Don’t lean too heavily on caffeine or sugar from fruit to see you through mid-afternoon slumps. Basically, be patient, accept this is a normal part of your transition, and don’t expect any personal bests in the gym, or miraculous energy highs this week. Those things will come in due time, we assure you.
  • Cranky/Moody: At this point, you may be kind of cranky about the foods you “can’t” eat. Your brain is probably throwing tantrums; missing sugar, cookies, cheese, or wine. The fact that you’re tired isn’t helping your mood, either. We have just one word of advice—patience! This passes within just a few days, as much of it is blood-sugar-regulation related. As your hormones start to get back into balance, your mood will regulate too – and once your energy picks up, your brain stops fighting your efforts, and you start feeling the Whole30 magic, you’ll be brighter and shinier than ever!
  • Detoxin’: You may be experiencing some physical symptoms; the result of your body starting to heal from the damage done by your old less-healthy food choices. Acne and rashes, worsening allergies, and digestive distress are common during this first week. Sometimes, things get worse before they get better, but know this is a common, even healthy stage as your body starts to heal. Be patient—by the second week, these should be largely resolved.

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